Make Mark a Member

Make Mark Zuckerburg a Member of the Psk

12 years ago, a heinous injustice occured, right here in the Square. The alleged animal abusers at the PSK cut a young Mark Zuckerberg from their punch process. Zuck was the best of us — a smart, talented guy who just wanted to hang at their party mansion sometimes. The PSK should have seen that the man who created Facemash and compared women to farm animals clearly shared their values. I'm sure you've all seen the Social Network, in which case you'll know that this rejection haunted Zuck for years. This kindhearted philanthropist and future US president doesn't deserve this pain. The University itself has admitted its mistake by awarding Zuckerberg an honorary degree — why can't the Phoenix?

Right this wrong. Make Zuck an honorary member of the PSK